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Precision—More than Just Meeting Planners!

One of Precision’s core values is that we are passionate as planners. This means that we go above and beyond our call of duty to make sure everyone—clients, attendees, and even strangers are provided what they need and more. In doing this we take on many different types of roles than just the average meeting planner. We could be chauffer, waiter, and directional, whatever the challenge might be.

We always joke at Precision that everyone expects us to know all the answers (and for attendees this is true). However, there are many times when strangers will approach us and ask us where a meeting is that we are not in charge of, where a specific room in a hotel is, questions about the museum we happen to have an event at thinking we work for the hotel or venue we are at. Typically we can answer all their questions and we just chuckle to ourselves knowing they have no idea we do not work for that hotel or venue.

In our recent travels my colleague and I have had to act on our feet as a medic for complete strangers. Luckily, because we are used to taking on all these different roles, we know how to think quickly and take action. I was on a flight on my way home from San Francisco sitting next to an older lady. I happen to wake up was overwhelmed by how hot it had gotten on the plane, although I thought to myself, it is probably just me and the heavy jacket I had on. I was in a daze when all of a sudden the woman next to me started tapping me and I look over and realized she could not breathe. I quickly called the flight attendant, who of course had to guard the pilot door as it was open and this is mandatory that they watch it. He kept giving me the please wait look and finger and I kept waving him over. He finally sensed it was an emergency and left his post (hopefully he won’t get in trouble for this) and rushed over. I explained that it was very hot and the lady next to me could not breathe. He quickly brought her to the front of the plane. The temperature on our flight had quickly risen and the flight attendant did not notice. This had caused a decrease in oxygen which is why the woman had difficulty breathing. Luckily the temperature was lowered and she was brought to the coolest part of the plane to allow herself to catch her breath.

My colleague was in Canada recently for a site visit. She had left her charger in a rental car the night before so her phone had died. She went down bright and early to fetch the charger before she began her day. She noticed a front desk attendant casually on the phone. As she waited for the Valet to return and the Front Desk Attendant to finish her phone call she glanced around the hotel and noticed she was the only one downstairs. She heard a thud and when she turned around the front desk attendant had disappeared and the phone was semi-swaying. She ran over the front desk and could not see anyone around. She thought that maybe she was semi-dreaming as it was extremely early and she hadn’t had her coffee yet so maybe she was overthinking. She called out to the front desk attendant but received no answer. She just had a weird feeling so she ran to the gift shop that happened to be open and found the saleswoman and Manger on Duty having a meeting. As she explained what happened the Manager went straight behind the desk where indeed the front desk attendant had collapsed.

Although these happenings make great stories now, they were scary in the moment. As planners, it is always good to be prepared and ready to make vast decisions. Always be ready for an emergency and who to contact if something were to happen. Although these were strangers and not associated with our meeting, it could always happen to an attendee and it is our job to know how to react and who to call.

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With being a part of a company made up of less than ten employees, there are many challenges that arise from day to day. As Precision is in the midst of another busy time, it can be tough to stay afloat with all of the work that must get done. With travel and multiple accounts having events at the same time, being a multitasker sometimes just isn’t good enough. Good thing Precision Meetings & Events is lucky to call itself “Team Precision”.

Precision’s largest event of the year is right around the corner, and we have been utilizing our “teamwork” more than ever.  Thankfully, the tasks for this event are pretty self-explanatory on what needs to be done, but other events are a little more difficult to just jump right in and help out. With being a part of a team, it is crucial for everyone to know what is going on—even if it is just a brief description at a weekly meeting. If someone has multiple events going on, it is a smart idea to have more than one person working on the event in case the lead coordinator gets tied up. In this case, it is best to work as a team throughout the whole process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Key characteristics that make up an effective team:

  • Common Purpose: What are the expectations and responsibilities? What are you trying to accomplish by working as a team?
  • Performance Goals: Again, what are you trying to accomplish? When will you know that you have reached success? What is the “game plan” for getting to the end goal?
  • Balance: Reaching a goal can be achieved more successfully with a good balance of diversity in the workplace. Bringing different people together with a variety of skills, experiences, creativity and innovation can create a more successfully executed end goal.
  • Strong Communication: Communication is key when it comes to collaborating together on a project or event. Interacting together will help the process run more smoothly and effectively in order to stay on track.
  • Trust and Commitment: It is impossible to work as a team if you don’t have trust in your other team members. Trust is what motivates others to do their best. If there is no trust, it can result in a lack of productivity. This goes both ways. As a team member, you have to be committed to helping your team out as well and showing that you are there for support.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

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Hospitable Hospitality Students

Crowds of adoring fans in Punxsutawney, PA celebrated Groundhog Day 2015 this morning with Punxsutawney Phil, who once again saw his shadow – forecasting six more weeks of winter. However, six more weeks of winter doesn’t change the fact that our industry’s spring meetings and events are fast approaching. In fact, preparation and planning for these programs has already been well underway. As we get closer to the start of our busy season, we, Team Precision, look to some of our most valued friends in the industry for a little extra support, hospitality and tourism management students! In turn, we hope to give students who are looking to pursue work in our industry some hands-on experience and the ability to put the knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom into action.

Precision Meetings & Events has enjoyed the opportunity to work with hospitality students from all across the country for several years now at our largest conferences and events. The talented students we’ve met have come from prestigious hospitality management programs at East Carolina University, James Madison University, College of Charleston, Grand Valley State University, University of Central Florida, Virginia Tech, and the University of Las Vegas just to name a few as well as PCMA’s Student Union. Students go through an extensive application and interview process to become part of Precision’s event staff or for placement in our internship program. Once they’ve been offered a position, Precision helps to guide their professional development and act as a resource throughout the duration of their contract. However, the relationship hardly ends there. Many of the students we’ve worked with in the past have helped us staff multiple conferences and events throughout their college career. Furthermore, some of the most gifted and talented have joined us as full-time members of our team after graduation.

We know how valuable on-site event experience is for students looking to pursue work in our industry and are glad to offer them an opportunity to do so. At the same time, Precision has learned a great deal from our experience in working with these students, and they continue to inspire us to be innovative and develop new ways to connect with the future generations in our industry. We are always open to working with new students and have plenty of opportunities for involvement. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are a student looking for professional event experience or know of someone who is!

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How to survive the cold, harsh winter!

Snow, sleet, severe temperatures, cold season and everything else – winter is in full swing! And it is shaping up to be a pretty severe winter season!

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself sane and survive to see the beautiful Spring weather!

 Keep Active and Workout, Even in the Cold

Most of us tend to become “hermits” during the winter months. But remember summer bodies are made in the winter! Staying fit and healthy is important. Bundle up and go out for a 30 minute walk during your lunch break or make sure to have a gym “buddy” that will motivate even when it is snowing or the weather is rough.

 Winter Fashion

Who says that winter fashion can’t be as fun as summer fashion? Cute knee high boots, infinity scarves, pea coats and hats & gloves are all appropriate attire to wear during the cold winter months!

 Avoiding Sickness and Staying Healthy

Avoid colds and the flu by getting a good amount of sleep and washing your hands. Also, as mentioned above, wearing the correct winter clothing when you venture out during the severe temperatures will keep you healthy and happy!


When we are snowed in or the weather outside is just so severe that we must stay in the house, it is important to productive hobbies. There are some really easy hobbies you can do right in the comfort of your own home. For example, stamping and making your own stationary or DIY (do it yourself) homemade jewelry are both hobbies that you can buy simple, inexpensive items from Michaels to make your own!


During the severe temperatures, we want to avoid going out as much as possible and that might mean going out to dinner less. This is a perfect time to try new recipes – especially on your crock pot. There are hundreds of soup recipes that you can use for your crock pot. One of our favorites is Chicken Noodle Soup. Click here for the recipe.

 Keep these 5 tips in mind and surviving the winter months will be much easier!

Stay warm!



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